Pictures and Dishes of Veggie Restaurants

Check out these pictures of some dishes that we have enjoyed!

This is a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant. There are many locations in the city, but my favourite is the 10310 124 ST, NW, Edmonton. Make sure you check out the vegan butter chicken dish!
My favourite drink from Remedy is the Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte. It can be made with almond milk to make it vegan and gluten free!
Remedy also has gluten free AND vegan deserts. You can still enjoy tasty treats while maintaining a vegan diet.
Padmanadi Restaurant is one of the most popular vegetarian places in the city. Every time I go here, it’s packed. Tip: Go before 11:30 am if you want to beat the lunch rush!
With cool and peaceful environment at Padmanadi, this restaurant attracts a lot of veggie lovers. I always recommend the ginger beef. It is soy beef strips, making this tasty dish vegan!
These dishes are a Padmanadi classic. The peanut skewer satay’s, veggie wontons, spring rolls and green onion cake will make your taste buds go crazy!
Kb & co is a new vegan and vegetarian restaurant that just opened downtown. This place has a variety of foods to offer such as vegan chill, vegetarian salads, vegan taco bowls and vegan treats. It’s a small place, so if you want to sit down and eat I suggest not going during busy times.
This is a taco salad and a chocolate/coffee smoothie from Kb & co. This place offers healthy food options that are all vegan or vegetarian. Photo Credit: Myra Jdj (@makeupxmyra). Photo was taken two weeks ago from Kb & co, she is a friend from high school. Link: Instagram photo
Kb and Co also offers vegan breakfast! What more could you ask for from a place?
A cute little vegan restaurant on Whyte Ave that has some tasty dishes you have to try!
These appetizers are from Cafe Mosaic. They are the crispy root vegetable spring rolls and the wonton tacos with avocado chill lime. Delicious! Photo Credit: Laura Bailey, a friend from work. Link: Facebook photo
The name is a good as their food! This Vegetarian restaurant offers a spin on a classic veggie loving dish by making it Vietnamese cuisine.
This is my all-time favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurant. From the amazing food and drinks to the intimate atmosphere, Noorish is a must visit place on Whyte Ave.
This is the Pad Thai from Noorish. A healthy and vegan bowl.
Not sure what this dish is? You won’t believe it but its Noorish’s very own skillet Poutine! And you guessed it, vegan as well.
This thirst clenching drink is a kale and lemon juice smoothie with a bunch of other nutritional boosters.
The atmosphere inside of Noorish is what makes this place so popular. You always get exceptional service paired with a calm and relaxing environment.

All photo’s were taken by Krishlene Mudaliar and Breanna LaRiviere.

A big thank you to Noorish, Padmandi’s, KB & Co. and Remedy!


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