Veggie Lovers Unite is just what we say it is – a place to find excellent vegetarian options here in Edmonton. Here we will help you find awesome places to eat out, benefits of being vegan or vegetarian and more. Veggies Lovers Unite will look at the dynamics of being a vegetarian or vegan and how this change can positively impact your life. This page will focus on the various vegetarian restaurants around Edmonton and how each place adds a unique touch to their dishes. Since limiting your food intake to a planet-based diet can be hard, we will offer tips and advice on how you can go about taking on a veggie adventure in your own life. We will also look at the obstacles and challenges that vegetarians must overcome within the community and their own personal bodies. Even though a plant-based diet is on the rise in society, it is still hard to find vegetarian or vegan options in many restaurants. This page will explore why their is still a stigma to cutting out meat from your diet, the challenges vegetarians face by eliminating a source of protein from their diet and why this diet is still largely rejected. This page will not only help you find delicious places to eat around Edmonton, but it will also provide you will numerous health facts about why living a vegetarian lifestyle is best.┬áCome explore with us!