Our Team

Say hi to our team: Krishlene and Breanna!

Krishlene Mudaliar

Hi friends! Krishlene here. I love trying new foods. I’m not a vegetarian full time, but I am for extended amounts of time because of religious reasons. I like to go out and I don’t want my choices of food, or not being able to eat out to be limited because of that. My mom is a full time vegetarian and lots of my friends are vegan. It is a goal, for my own health, to add more vegetable dishes to my diet. I have a really big sweet tooth, so it’ll be great to explore the Edmonton food scene to find great vegetarian desserts!





Breanna LaRiviere

Hey everyone! My name is Breanna LaRiviere. I am a full on veggie lover and animal advocate. I have been a vegetarian for several years (the actual date is fuzzy since I’ve phased out fish over time) and have been slowly moving towards a vegan diet. I first began living a vegetarian lifestyle when I was in high school. I hated the way meat made me feel and I often got quite sick after eating red meat. I am also lactose intolerant, making my diet dairy free as well! After making the switch to a plant-based diet, I can confidently say that my life has improved in an substantial way. My mental health, physical body and personal life are shifted in a dramatic and positive way. Eating only plant based foods has made me feel lighter, more energetic and happier. I became a vegetarian because I didn’t really like meat; I stayed a vegetarian for the health benefits.